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operations and maintenance

Fanch Energy Services provides Operations and Maintenance targeted at maximizing value for asset owners.


Operations and Maintenance (O & M) services are simply defined as decisions and actions regarding the control and upkeep of property and equipment. These are inclusive, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Actions focused on scheduling, procedures, and work/systems control and optimization

  2. Performance of routine, preventive, predictive, scheduled and unscheduled actions aimed at preventing equipment failure or decline with the goal of increasing efficiency, reliability, and safety.


In the Energy sector, Operations and Maintenance Services are often targeted at improving Operational Efficiency in high value assets with set performance indicators and targets. These performance indicators often include equipment and operator reliability, operational safety and system efficiency amongst others.


Our spectrum of services cover operations and maintenance of oil and gas process facilities (Flow station, Gas plants, Flowline and Valve stations and well heads), crude oil reconciliation and accounting, project management and administration, and terminal support services.


The advantage we provide is in our experience and ability to achieve improvement in key performance indicators like Asset integrity and reliability, profitability driven by cost competitiveness amongst others.

We have an integrated network of technical partners in Engineering, Maintenance, Repair and Fabrication works and Project Management.

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This service is always offered in tandem with Maintenance Services however we are able to offer it as a distinct service dependent on Client's requirements.

Operations Management is a key offering by Fanch Energy Services and is well represented in our commitment to our clients.

Our Key Performance Indicator is Operational Efficiency at all levels.

Operational Efficiency is achieved through a process management approach that ensures continuous improvement of service delivery. 

Scope offered include but is not limited to 

  1. Process Plant Manning

  2. Crude Reconciliation Services

  3. Field Logistics (Helicopter Charter, Crew Change, Land Logistics & Accommodation)

  4. Recruitment of qualified Technicians

  5. Training & Continuous Certification of all Operators

  6. Administration (Effective implementation) and control of operation activities.

  7. Maintain Conduct of Operations

  8. Equipment Status Control

  9. Operator Knowledge and Performance.

  10. Primary liaison with host communities


Our Maintenance support service covers all equipment and facilities in the Energy sector. These include but is not limited to 

  1. Recruitment of qualified Technicians and Engineers

  2. Administration

  3. Work Control System

  4. Conduct of Maintenance

  5. Preventive Maintenance 

  6. Maintenance Procedures and Documentation

  7. Periodic Calibration and certification of pressure valves and vessels

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