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FANCH ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED (FES) is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, visitors and all persons using our premises as a place of work and everywhere we operate.



• Conduct our operations in compliance with international and locally established safety rules and regulations.

• Protect and promote the health, safety, Environment and security of our work force and that of members of the public.

• Avoid injury to any member of the workforce and others who are either involved in or are affected by FANCH ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED operations.

• Protect the environment in which FANCH ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED operates from pollution and all forms of degradation.

• Demonstrate visible and active leadership that engages employees and manage health and safety performance as an integral part of our business.

• To ensure all employees are competent to do their tasks, and to give them adequate training.

• Management shall take overall responsibility for health and safety while all employees have are cooperate with supervisors and managers on health and safety matters.

• Everybody is encouraged to join FES in our commitment to health and safety with authority to stop the job when you are not sure of the procedure or if there is imminent danger.


Through implementation of this policy, FANCH ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED seeks to maintain zero tolerance of both incidents and injuries, sustained through effective near miss reporting and the development of a behavioral based approach to promote positive action.



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