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Fanch Energy Services Limited is committed to ensuring the protection of all Company related interests, both tangible and intangible, against negative security incidents that have the potential to cause unacceptable adverse impacts on the business.


We are committed to the development and implementation of security standards and processes that ensures the protection of our staff, people, property, information and reputation against security threats.


Our core objective is to enhance the security of our assets and ensure business continuity through effective management of security risks and threats.

Our core security objectives anchored on the following:

  • Creating a secure business environment.

  • Minimizing business disruption and economic losses to partners, shareholders, and stake holders

  • Safeguarding our integrity through the implementation of standards that enhance operational excellence and top-class performance.

  • All our Business units and Functions are to manage security in a systematic way adhering to the following:

    • Security operations shall be conducted in full compliance with the National Legal Requirements, International Standards and in accordance with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR).

    • Security management in our operations shall be threat-led.

    • The security Risk Assessment (SRA) guideline and procedure shall be the guiding principle for decision on business operations.

    • All security incidents, including security breaches shall be reported, investigated and documented in line with HSE requirements.

    • Plans and procedures shall be in place to receive early warning system of security threats, where possible cooperating with authorities and law enforcement to address threats, minimising their impact should they occur.

    • Self and independent assurance plans shall be in place to ensure the adequacy and sustainability of security measures.


Leadership and Commitment

  • To ensure a secure business environment, Management will support the implementation of global security best practices, development of guidance and operational practices and sustained mitigation initiatives that mitigates against security risks.

  • Our security policy provides means of identifying, analyzing and reducing vulnerabilities based on the four basic strategies of Deter, Detect, Delay and Respond.

  • In return, employees are expected to adhere strictly to outlined security guidelines, policies and procedure that promote a secure and safe work environment.



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