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Our commitment in the areas of QHSES is documented in the FES “Quality, Health, Safety, Environment & Security Commitment and Policy” statements.

The FES QHSES Policy Statement shall be consistent with the Statement of Commitment and shall:

• be relevant and take account of the current and future nature and scale of the activities, products and services of the company;

• take the interests of stakeholders into account;

• be endorsed by the Managing Director who is the custodian of the policy, and is responsible for its periodic review.


The QHSES policy shall be reviewed every two years as a minimum and when prevailing situations require a change.

This review shall include the results of proactive consultation with stakeholders on Policy content and continued relevance of its intent, scope and adequacy.


A copy is also domiciled on the “FES-SharePoint site,” and poster size copies are displayed at strategic areas across all our operational sites, field and office locations.

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