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Fanch Energy Services offers Inspection Services in 3 areas - Source Inspection, Third Party (Project & Industrial Services Inspection) and OCTG Inspection

These services offer third-party inspection are offered with pure confidentiality, independence, impartiality and integrity.

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Our Source Inspection services is focussed in ensuring compliance with Client's requirements in the fabrication/production of materials.  The full scope of services offered include issuance of IRs, CARs, NCRs; Manufacturer/Vendor Audit and Pre Qualification; FAT verification; review of ITPs, CMRs, MTRs as required and is  available on request.

TUV-Rheinland Worldwide is our key partner in the provision of this service. We also maintain aexclusive partnerships with qualified Inspectors  in every region worldwide

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We provide Third Party Inspection Services to cover

  • Construction, Commissioning, Repair & Maintenance activities.

  • Electrical, Instrumentation & Welding activities.

  • Lifting Appliances Inspection & Testing.

  • Safety & Environment

Our certfied and competent field inspectors all work to  provide a continuous high level of vendor inspection services to a multitude of national and international clients. 



We provide OCTG and Line Pipe Inspection services on site (at our yard) and off site (Rig or Client yard) based on client requirements.

This service includes but is not limited to visual thread and body inspection of all tubular goods, full length API drifting, stenciling, tallying, doping and capping of all certified goods.

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