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Full Scope Inspection

We offer Quality Assurance and Quality Control Inspections. This includes third party inspection of equipment and plant to certify that standards and contractual specifications are met. We provide this services locally as FES and in all regions of the world through TUVR’s worldwide network.

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Integrated Operations and Maintenance

Our spectrum of services cover operations and maintenance of oil and gas process facilities (Flow station, Gas plants, Flowline and Valve stations and well heads), crude oil reconciliation and accounting, project management and administration, and terminal support services.

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Engineering, Installation & Commissioning

We provide Engineering, Installation and Commissioning services on a standalone or integrated basis to our clients dependent on preference and project configuration.


Procurement and Warehousing

We provide Life cycle Procurement solutions covering OCTG, Tubulars, Valves with Controllers Actuators, Parts, Instrumentation items etc. Our worldwide network enables us to provide cost efficient pricing to our clients with assured quality. We also provide inventory and stock management services through our warehouses in PH and Sapele.

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