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​Our objective is to provide an overall Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) Service.


A key element of this service is the effective management of all activities required to assure quality end products and services, by utilizing quality materials and workmanship in accordance with project standards, drawing and specifications.


This is accomplished by utilizing experienced FANCH ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED QA/QC management and technical staff, capable of addressing all project requirements. We are confident of our ability to manage and execute QA/QC responsibilities to meet with our client’s expectations.



As an integrated energy, oil and gas services company, FANCH ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED strives to perform its entire prime procurement contracts and engineering activities at a level meeting with international quality requirements:

  • In accordance with the expectations of the client and employees,

  • Through the full and sound satisfaction of the customer’s demands,

  • Through the development of our quality culture and commitment.


It is our (FANCH ENERGY SERVICES) self-imposed duty to meet all demands in a professional and ethical manner, always in accordance with:

  • The technical or technological methods and procedures established in local and international practices,

  • The statutory rules and the applicable local and international standards,

  • The necessary safety requirements.


As a general rule, FANCH ENERGY SERVICES professionals will continuously update their knowledge, act in a customer – oriented manner and be ready to accept new technologies. Furthermore, quality awareness, quality commitment and quality work will be present at all management levels.


In selecting our suppliers, resource persons, sub-contractors and other partners, Quality-Oriented behavior, Organizational order and profitability are the key aspects considered. The Quality Assurance system cover FANCH ENERGY SERVICES' full range of activities such as contracting, engineering, procurement, environmental, warehousing, technical and maintenance jobs. Each of the company’s employees is responsible for quality. In addition, the work processes are performed under control in each phase.


FANCH ENERGY SERVICES quality management is supervised by the General Manager – Projects and Inspection Services who acts in co-operation with the Managers and Engineers in charge of the particular project. However, in his quality assurance duties, the General Manager – Projects and Inspection Services is assisted by the QA/QC engineer who is authorized to some extent to act independently on a particular job function following company’s laid-down quality assurance procedure.



As a corporate body, FANCH ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED, shall carry out its activities with a goal of achieving the best in quality in all its projects and services.


The concept of Quality for FANCH ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED encompasses all those features of our projects and services that aim to satisfy our client’s expectations and requirements

Emphasis shall always be in line with striving to act with proper attention to quality affairs as the most important means for achieving the company’s business strategy


The realization of these quality objectives while keeping the basic objectives of operating as an integrated energy, oil and gas services company depends on:

  • The quality of personnel

  • The adequacy of organization

  • Commitment to work and above all

  • Attitude to Quality Issues


From the above view, the management of FANCH ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED will ensure that:

  • The personnel are highly skilled in their field of activity and undergo periodic training.

  • Responsibilities, authorities of the different work phases are clearly defined and documented.

  • The quality system is properly maintained and documented.


The overall coordination, monitoring and auditing of all quality related matters shall be the responsibility of the QA/QC management.



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