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Minimising the impact of our operations on the environment is of primary importance to us.


FANCH ENERGY SERVICES LTD will achieve its environmental goals by:

• Assessing the environmental consequences of its operations on the local environment to limit disturbance;

• Operating in a safe manner to avoid spills, leaks or accidental discharges of polluting materials;

• Limiting the quantities of wastes and other discharges by handling them in a responsible manner; and

• Maintaining pollution contingency plans and the capability to respond in an emergency.


To ensure compliance with the Company’s environmental policy, FANCH ENERGY SERVICES LTD must:

• Consider the environmental impact of all of its activities;

• Ensure that the environmental goals and standards are understood and followed at all levels throughout the Company;

• Train its employees to carry out their work with due respect and care for the environment;

• Ensure that its contractors follow the Company’s environmental practices in performing their work;

• Report all environmental related incidents; then investigate and analyse them to prevent recurrence;

• Perform a regular audit of its compliance with the Company’s environmental policy;

• Comply with all applicable standards of the international oil industry, in addition to the laws and regulations of the states in which the Company is present.


These goals are fundamental to the wellbeing of the communities with which FANCH ENERGY SERVICES LTD operates, as well as to the efficient operation of the Company.
Helping to fulfill these goals is the responsibility of everyone who works at FANCH ENERGY SERVICES LTD.



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