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Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19), Fanch Energy Services Ltd has set up a task force and various work groups. These groups shall coordinate all action plans within the Company to ensure seamless communication flow internally and externally. Our goal is to continue to optimally support our customers and safeguard the health of our personnel.

Under the current situation, the following measures shall apply:

• Fanch Energy Services is maintaining business continuity by activating its Business Continuity Plan (BCP, herein attached) to cover provision of services to its clients

• Fanch Energy head office will observe social distancing guidelines;

• Only essential services personnel will at work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

• Mondays and Fridays – Online situation review meetings

• All communication will be via phone, email and secure communication channels

• We shall continue to review advisories on COVID-19 issued by authorized government agencies and our clients

• We are keeping open all channels of communication including emails and phone calls

• We are working hard to ensure that there is minimal interruption in the provision of services whilst reviewing this situation on a daily basis.

• Wherever possible, we are pursuing a dual strategy in procurement, ideally from sources in different countries or on different continents; and service provision, through activation of back up staff to cover key areas.

• We have emergency plans in place for Inspection service within Client sites in Nigeria and Overseas which ensure we continue to provide comprehensive support to our customers while also complying with safety regulations of host governments.

• We have limited travel to essential journeys (e.g. urgent customer service activities).

• All major meetings will be conducted online through available communication channels.



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